All new German trucks battery-electric by 2035?

31 August 2023
All new trucks being registered in Germany from 2035 could be battery-electric if a broad-scale charging network is available by then, according to the Institute for Applied Ecology (Öko-Institut).

“The key entry point for ensuring the market success of zero-emission drive technologies is the rapid and targeted rollout of a charging infrastructure for heavy-duty commercial vehicles,” the Öko-Institut states. “Greenhouse gas emissions from road freight transport will then decrease significantly, particularly post-2030, reaching zero in 2045.”

Evaluating various drive technologies to identify their technical and economic potential, the research project found that battery-electric trucks will offer advantages over trucks powered by overhead lines or fuel cells, even when ranges and charging options are taken into account.

The findings are in line with those of other researchers. According to the total cost calculation, fuel cell vehicles are far more expensive than pure e-trucks due to the high level of uncertainty surrounding hydrogen prices.

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Source Clean Energy Wire, Photo: Volvo