Log load measurements –green metric tonnes to m3

17 October 2022
Logmeter, is an automatic system that delivers in real-time high-precision volume measurements and estimates biometrics characteristics of wood logs loaded on a truck before entering the mill.

Forestry companies are increasing the application of technological tools in their industrial processes. Control, efficiency, and the strengthening of sustainability throughout their value chain are some of the challenges that companies address with solutions that make variables visible in operational processes and enable their management.

“Possibilities offered by technological solutions must be used. The art is to focus them on what we want to make visible or to measure to obtain appropriate answers”, explains Carlos Bussinger, CEO at Woodtech. Woodtech has been present in the forestry industry for more than 15 years by developing solutions for main players in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Germany, Australia, the USA, and Indonesia.

Logmeter, developed by Woodtech, is an automatic volume measurement system of wood loaded in a truck, without the need to unload it and in less than 2 minutes. “According to actual measurements provided by clients, the correlation between results delivered by Logmeter and Archimedes method is more than 95%”, said CEO of Woodtech.

Since 2018 Logmeter has been present in Forico’s operations in Tasmania. It has been an important piece of infrastructure to their strategic project, where sustainability plays an important role.

As part of this process, the company identified critical points in its supply chain. They were looking to dry their logs in relation to the product that they sell. In this context they did the transitioning into cubic metres from green metric tonnes, by using Logmeter. They had to do some changes to make possible the supply chain transformation. Transportation of dry logs made loading more efficient, less trucks transporting the wood logs and therefore less emissions of greenhouse gases.

“Among many other benefits, this is a clear example of how technology can contribute to sustainability at different stages of the supply chain”, explains the CEO at Woodtech.

Source: Woodtech